Yesteryear rifles and prices (circa 1963)

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The 1963 advertisement in "The Rifleman" for the Walther small-bore target rifle of the day.


BSA Mk II International

BSA Mk III International

Finnish Lion

Anschütz Model 54 Supermatch

with price comparisons for the same year

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You will note that many of the pages have HARC - MCRRS which stands for Historic Arms Resource Centre - Miniature Calibre Rifle Research Site

As you look at the Rifleman web site, it can be seen that the cost of rifles and ammunition appears to be very low, but compare the cost to the salaries at the time, or perhaps to the cost of a car, and it compares well today. A Ford Anglia in 1963 cost between £500-£600, and an Anschütz rifle between £62 and £89 (about 13 to 14%). Today an Anschütz would cost about £2000, and a Ford Focus about £15000 (about 13 to 14%), so the price is fairly consistent, although it does depend on the exchange rate at the time.

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