Duchy Cup Rules

1)  The Duchy Cup will be shot in one division on a percentage improvement basis using team scores attained in the P & D Winter League.

2)  Team averages will be calculated from the results obtained at the end of the Winter League competition from all matches shot.

3)  Teams will comprise of members who have shot at least three Winter League matches.

4)  In the event of a club having two teams in the competition, no promotion or demotion shall take place between these teams during the term of the Duchy Cup. Teams to be those who shot in the last round of the Winter League.

5)  Teams will be awarded two points for a win and one point for a draw. At the end of the competition if there is a tie on points then the improvement percentage average will be used to determine the winner.

6)  If applicable, bye rounds will be shot on a postal basis by the team and marked by an independent member of the club. The score sheet when filled out and signed is to be forwarded to the Winter League Secretary by the Saturday of the match period.

7)  The bye round scores will be shot against the average each club obtains at the end of the winter league. (The Duchy average).

8)  Plymouth and District rules in the first instance, and N.S.R.A. rules thereafter will apply on any points not covered.


You can download a copy of the Word document with this link.