The P & D Indoor Championships were held on Thursday 28 March 2019 at the GWRSA range. Despite the dismal turnout, those present had an enjoyable and competitive evening.
The Results were as follows :-
Name your own start – for the Sutton Harbour Trophy.
1st Mark Yearling 199
2nd Kate Yearling 199
(Mark won by 2 points on the third graduated gauge. Pete Hobbs and Derek Andrews also scored 199 but were ruled out after 
the first re-gauge)
Ladies NYOS, for the Grey Trophy.
1st Kate Yearling 199
2nd Kate Dix 193
Time Limit (Sharpshooter) for the David Jordan Trophy.
1st Peter Reed 97
2nd Andrew Phillips 94
Champion of Champions for the Ford Park Cup.
1st Peter Reed 100
2nd Andrew Phillips 95