Links to shooting clubs and organisations

    National Small-Bore Rifle Association   (The home of smallbore shooting situated at Bisley)

     Devon County Small-Bore Rifle Association   (The governing body of Devon shooting)

     GWRSA Rifle Club  (Situated at the GWRSA range in Mullet Rd, Laira) (Map)

    Yealmpton Rifle Club   (Situated in the Athletic Field just off the Kingsbridge Road on the A379)

  Budleigh Farm Target Shooting Centre   (Budleigh range, Moretonhampstead, Devon) (Map)

  Plymouth, New Hampshire, USA   (One of the Plymouth v Plymouth teams. See outdoor ranges and newsletter)

  Police Sport UK  (Useful link to firearms legislation - Devon and Cornwall Constabulary)

  Target Shooter  (An online magazine for target shooting)

Interesting links

Plymouth Data   (Brian Moseley's Encyclopaedia of Plymouth History)

The Rifleman   (Site showing modern and yesteryear miniature (now small-bore) rifles.

Small-Bore-Rifle   (A website with interesting facts about starting small-bore rifle shooting)

Shopping for shooters

Intershoot   (Shooting equipment - first class service from this supplier).

Edinkillie   (Shooting equipment - check his shooting itinerary, as Donald McIntosh is not available during these periods).

If you require alterations to your shooting jacket, or any other leather / canvas work, please phone Paul Reveley (Belle Leather) (Map).

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