Provincial Cities & Boroughs Competition 1973

A Conundrum almost solved - Provincial Cities Trophy 1973

In 1973, Plymouth won the Provincial Cities and Boroughs competition. A photograph of the event was found, and started a search for the names of the shooters who took part. Many were known, but some were not, but eventually they were added as the questions were asked around the clubs.

The names are, from left to right, Charlie O'Sullivan, Gordon Armstrong, Maurice Taylor, Ray Jones, Les Ninnis, John Sargent (Captain), Dave Hooper, Colin Shenton, Dave Reed, Phil Wheaton and Pete Swain. A big thank you to all the people who have contributed to the names. Here is an excerpt from the 1973 committee meeting and the 1974 AGM

The year is now known (originally sent in by Dave Reed). The question on the  final unknown person in the picture is now known to be Ray Jones of Yealmpton.

John Alexander posed two more questions. What happened to the tenth medal, and who were the two shooters who shot 'half courses' and received P & D medals (see committee).
The first question is still unknown, but the second can now be answered from the team Captain's  score book. The two people who shot "half courses" were M Taylor (first set of cards in March) and L Ninnis (second set in April).

Team picture was sent in by Peter Swain, and shows the winners of the Provincial Cities trophy (including reserves). The second picture was supplied by Margaret Sargent, and shows her late husband John receiving the trophy from the Lord Mayor of Plymouth Ald. J. C. Porter on behalf of the team.

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Below is an excerpt from the Sunday Independant on the win.


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