Summer Individual League Rules

1)  The competition will be open to all members of clubs affiliated to the Plymouth and District league.

2)  The competition will be for individuals, shot on a postal basis.

3)  Competitors will be placed in league divisions depending on their averages. The composition of each division will be based on the last 12 cards shot in the preceding winter league prior to the closing date for the summer league.

4)  Competitors who do not have a minimum of five recorded scores must be given a certified average by their club or competition secretary. To allow for any abnormally low scores, the lowest scores will be discounted as follows in assessing the average to be used.

Matches shot Scores discounted
1 - 7 Nil
8 - 9 1
10 - 12 2

5)  Each competitor will shoot 2 British N.S.R.A. B.M. 89 targets for each round, which will be at two-week intervals. Targets to be outward gauging up to 4 away and inward gauging above 4 away (as per N. S. R. A. rules and regulations 2.1 Appendix B). Each card shall be marked using a current N.S.R.A. pattern gauge for competition marking, standard or oversize up to 4 away and standard above 4 away.

6)  Stickers will be issued to competitors, and these must be affixed to all of the cards issued from the secretary of individual clubs before shooting commences. Club secretaries will be required to sign a declaration form to this effect.

7)  Cards may be shot at any time and can be sent to the divisional secretary before or during the match period. Late targets will be disqualified unless a postponement is arranged before the end of the match period.

8)  It is the direct responsibility of each competitor to see that his or her targets are completed and received by the divisional secretary by the end of the match period. (NOTE. The match period ends on a Saturday).

9)  All targets, SHOT or UNSHOT, must be returned to the divisional secretary by the end of the match period, failure to do so will result in the competitor receiving a fine of £1.00 for each round until ineligible.

10) Competitors missing more than 1 round will have all scores expunged, resulting in the loss of points which will be handed back to the opposing competitor. They will also be ineligible for the remainder of the competition. (Note. Competitors in arrears will be refused entry to future competitions).

11) All cards must be signed, witnessed and dated.

12) All result will be sent out using email and displayed on the P & D Website, if an individual requires a result card then a stamped addressed envelope must be included with the shot cards.

13) Scores may be challenged by forwarding £1.00 per card to the divisional secretary. The summer league secretary will then remark the card. If the challenge is upheld, the monies will be refunded. All challenges must be made within 7 days of the competitor receiving the result card.

14) The league table will be compiled by awarding 2 points for a win, and I point for a draw for the aggregate of both cards.

15) Should a draw arise for the first place at the end of the competition, then the competitor with the highest aggregate will be the winner. If the result is still a draw, due to the aggregate being the same, a further two cards each will be shot on a neutral range, shoulder to shoulder. Should a draw still be the result, competitors will shoot cards shot for shot until a decision is reached. The shoot off conditions will also apply if a draw occurs in the P. Clemens (highest aggregate) or Collier (best percentage improvement) Trophy competitions.

16) The winner of each division will be awarded a suitably engraved trophy, with the runner up receiving an engraved medal.

17) Shooting equipment and general conduct of shooting must comply with N.S.R.A. rules.

Revised 2013

You can download a copy of the Word document with this link.