Winter League Postal Rules

1)   Clubs are to be affiliated to the N.S.R.A. and insured.

2)   The W/L teams will consist of five competitors, with the best four to count. There will be two divisions with the 'A' teams in division one and the remaining teams in division two..

3)   George Cross to be shot concurrently with the W/L but with 4 to count, ignoring the top score of the same team of 5.

4)   Clubs may enter as many teams of 5 as they wish, with the top teams (by average) being in Division 1 and the rest in Division 2. If there is a shortage in Division 2, then a club may enter a team of 4 with the bottom score to count twice or a "Bogey" team is entered equal to the average of the opposing team. (i.e. Teams shoot a 'Bye' round against their own average. If there are enough teams of 5 to complete a division, then no teams of four will be accepted.

5)   Individual members of an affiliated club may enter as an individual in order to compete for the Silver Medal and/ or a place in the Top Ten. No-one entering as an individual may be promoted into a team at any time during the season, other than in exceptional circumstances and only with the prior permission of the W/L Secretary.

6)   Targets to be N.S.R.A. 1989 series, outward gauging below 4 away and inward gauging above 4 away, (as per N.S.R.A. Rules and Regulations 2.1 Appendix B).

7)   Each club shall use a current N.S.R.A. pattern gauge for competition marking, standard or oversize up to 4 away and standard only above 4 away.

8)   Optional sighters, with 10 rounds to count, 1 on each aiming mark.

9)   Spotting and coaching may be allowed but must not interfere with other competitors.

10)   Any shot falling within or touching the dotted black lines on a card shall be deemed to be a scoring shot. Any person shooting a shot they cannot trace, or having an extra shot appear on their card should report this to the Range Officer as soon as apparent. Attention is drawn to N.S.R.A. rules to and Rule 5.3.3.

11)   Stickers will be sent out and must be fixed to the cards before the season commences.

12)   Where a club has more than one team, the members with the highest averages should be in the 'A' team, the next highest in the 'B' team and so on.

13) Clubs will provide targets for their own members and will be responsible for sending scores to the W/L secretary.

14)  Local scoring may be allowed but no person may score their own card. Spotters and Coaches may not score cards they have witnessed. Scores must be sent to the W/L Secretary by the Saturday of the match period. Failure to do so will result in the loss of match points for that team, or of the score of an individual competitor.

15)  The W/L Secretary at his discretion, MAY call for ANY or ALL cards from ANY team each week. Shot cards should be retained until the end of the season.

16)  Cards may be shot, (in order), from the date a Club Secretary has confirmed to the W/L Secretary that all stickers have been attached to the cards. This will obviate the need for any postponements.

17)  The firing point must be illuminated whilst shooting is in progress.

18)  Points not covered, N.S.R.A. rules will apply.

Agreed at the EGM July 2018. Rule 2 revised at the AGM 2018

The first scores shown are points dropped (scores in brackets are points counted). The inward gauging is with a standard gauge (not oversize).

You can download a copy of the Word document with this link.